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Musical equipment

So far, I have two antique Ampeg Amps. A nice PA system made up of a Carvin mixer, Nady power amp, Alesis digital delay and two Yamaha three way speaker cabinets. I have one good AKG microphone and two no name cheapies left over from my old band. I have an old Panaramic tube amp and a "Chimes" arch top guitar. I also have a Fender acoustic and and a Martin acoustic guitar. I have two mandolins a Harmony and a Hondo. A no name mountain dulcimer. A Meadowlark hammered dulcimer. We have a grand piano in the living room and I have a Sequential Circuits Synthesizer. I have a no name bass that I bought when I was a kid, a no name 12 string electric from the same time period. I have a rebuilt classical guitar given to me by my friend Brittany. She said it's to replace the classical guitar my ex-wife smashed.

I record rough demos on a Ross 4x4 cassette studio. I monitor my recordings through a Pioneer receiver that I bought in 1977, it's 120 watts per side. I also have a Pioneer graphic equalizer. The speakers are mini Advents with a DBX subwoofer. It kicks ass.

Thats all for now. Just wait until I get a real job.
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